Roller bearing
May 28, 2018

Support the roll and keep the roll in place in the frame. Roller bearings are heavy and vary greatly in their work load, so they require a small coefficient of friction, sufficient strength and stiffness, and are easy to replace. Different rolling mills use different types of roll bearings. Rolling bearings have large rigidity and low friction coefficient, but they have small pressure bearing capacity and large external dimensions. They are mostly used for work rolls of strip mills. Sliding bearings are semi-dry friction and liquid friction. Semi-dry friction roller bearings are mainly bakelite, copper tile, nylon tile bearings, relatively cheap, mostly used in profile rolling mills and openers. Fluid friction bearings have three types of dynamic pressure, static pressure and static-dynamic pressure. The advantage is that the friction coefficient is relatively small, the pressure bearing capacity is large, the working speed is high, and the rigidity is good. The disadvantage is that the thickness of the oil film changes with the speed. Liquid friction bearings are often used in plate mill roll bearings and other high speed rolling mills.

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