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Cold Rolling Mill Working Principle
May 28, 2018

The cold rolling mill employs a motor to pull the rebar, and the load-bearing roller and the work roll of the cold-rolling mill collectively apply the force to both surfaces of the rebar. The purpose of rolling out cold-rolled ribbed steel bars of different diameters is achieved by changing the size of the two roll gaps.

1 Load-bearing roller: The load-bearing roller of the cold-rolling mill is the closest roller to the stand. When the ribbed steel bar is produced, the roller plays the role of holding up the steel bar, and the gravity of the steel bar and the work-roll work are uniform. Disperses on the load-bearing roller so that ribs are generated on the lower surface of the rebar.

2 Work Roll: The working roll of the cold rolling mill is above the load-bearing roll and is farthest from the base. Therefore, the roll mainly plays the role of rolling the steel rod lifted by the bearing roll when producing ribbed steel. , so that the top surface of the rebar ribs.

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