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Main Components Of Cold Rolling Mill
Sep 25, 2018

Main components of cold rolling mill

The main components of the cold rolling mill refers to the main composition of the cold rolling mill. The main components of cold rolling mill, cold rolled ribbed machine and cold rolling machine produced by Gongyi Jindi Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd include working stand, roller, roller bearing, rolling mill frame, rolling mill rail support, roller adjusting device and upper Roller balance device, transmission and other components.


1, Working stand

It consists of a roller, a rolling mill frame, a bearing package, a bearing, a working table, a rolling mill guide, a rail support, a roller adjusting device, an upper roll balancing device, and a roller changing device.


2, Roller

It is a component that makes metal plastic deformation.


3, Roll bearing

Support the roller and maintain the fixed position of the roller in the frame. Working load of roller bearing is heavy and varies greatly, so the bearing is required to be small friction coefficient, has sufficient strength and rigidity, and it is convenient to replace the roller.


4, Cold rolling mill frame

It consists of two “housing” to install the roll chocks and roll adjustment devices, which need to have sufficient strength and the straight-through reversible cold rolling mill to withstand the rolling force.


5, Rolling mill rail support

It is used to mount the frame and is fixed on the foundation, also known as the foot plate. It withstands the gravity and tipping moment of the working machine stand while ensuring the accuracy of the mounting dimensions of the working machine.


6, Roller adjustment device

It is used to adjust the roller gap so that the rolled piece reaches the required section size. The upper roller adjustment device is also called "Screwdown device" and has three types: manual, electric and hydraulic.


7, Upper roller balancing device

A device for lifting the upper roller and preventing the impact of the rolling stock from entering and exiting the roller.


8, transmission

It consists of a motor, a reducer, a reduction gear and a connecting shaft. The gear stand distributes the drive torque to the two rollers.


The main parts of the cold rolling mill is composed of the above equipment.If any questions about cold rolling mill, cold rolled ribbed machine,cold rolling machine, please visit or call: 0371-64388822,13674996266 to consult with us!

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