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Quenching Of Cold Rolled Ribbed Steel Bars
Dec 13, 2018

Quenching Of Cold Rolled Ribbed Steel Bars

The quenching of cold rolled ribbed steel refers to the surface quenching of cold rolled ribbed steel bars, that is, heating within a limited depth range of the workpiece surface, and rapidly cooling after reaching a certain temperature of the melting point, so that it has a martensite structure with high hardness and strength, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent properties. This martensite structure can greatly improve the overall performance of cold rolled ribbed steel bars.

According to the knowledge of Gongyi Jindi Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd, the more mature surface quenching processes are: induction heating surface quenching, flame heating surface quenching, point contact heating quenching, laser and electron beam heating surface quenching.

The most common quenching process is induction hardened surface quenching. Surface quenching is divided into three types: high frequency, medium frequency and low frequency induction heating surface quenching. The quenching process uses an alternating magnetic field generated by an alternating current of an induction coil to form an induced current having the same frequency and opposite directions, which is called an eddy current. Under the action of the eddy current resistance, the surface layer of the cold rolled ribbed steel bar is rapidly heated to the quenching temperature, and then the workpiece is sprayed with water to harden the surface of the ribbed steel bar. Thereby greatly improving the strength and ductility of the ribbed steel.


The quenching of cold rolled ribbed steel has developed into a scientific cold-rolling deformation heat treatment technology, which greatly optimizes the process technology and product quality of cold rolled ribbed steel bars. The product has been tested by the National Construction Steel Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The yield strength reaches 545-565Mpa, the tensile strength reaches 600-625Mpa, the elongation A5 reaches 18.5%-22.0%, the strength is high, the ductility is good, and the mechanical properties of the 500Mpa steel bar are fully achieved.For more details, please visit or call: 0371-64388822,13674996266 to consult with us!

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