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Reasons And Solutions Of Cold Rolling Mill Vibration
Sep 22, 2018

Reasons And Solutions Of Cold Rolling Mill Vibration

Recently, some customers have reported to Gongyi Jindi Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd that cold rolling mill, cold rolling machine, and cold rolled ribbed steel machine they bought from us, all of which have vibrations for no reason. In serious cases, disconnection have appeared. So they ask our company if there is any way to solve this problem. After listening to the description of the customer, because the technical staff of our company did not come to the site, and the customer did not know the reasons of cold rolling mill viberation, the following solutions were given to allow the users to find one by one.

1. Vibration caused by excessive rolling speed of steel cold rolling mill

Different types of steel cold rolling mills have different rolling speeds, but when the rolling speed exceeds their capacity, the load on the motor will increase, that causing the main body to vibrate. If the load is too large, Motor may even burn out. Customers can refer to the steel cold rolling mill instruction manual to see if there is a high rolling speed in the steel cold rolling mill.

2, Rolling pieces over steel rolling mill production capacity

Rolling capacity of different types of steel rolling mill is also different. Take LZ130 type steel rolling mill as example, it can be rolled 5-7mm steel,but if it is rolled 8 mm steel, that will not only increase the power of the motor, but also increase the wear of roller. If vibration is cuased by rolling diameter too large, the user should immediately stop the machines, and rolled the right size diameter according to the rolling capacity steel rolling mill.

3, The vibration is caused by potholes and projections of the roller surface  

Roller as a core component of cold rolled ribbed machine, if the roller surface is unevenness,or potholes and projection etc.,that can cause vibration of cold rolled ribbed machine. If after checking, the roller exists the sitation of potholes and projections, and it should be replaced.

4, Poor lubrication is caused by vibration of cold rolled mill 

Due to lack of lubricating oil between individual components, that will increase the friction coefficient between the various components, and then increase the load of the motor, which causing cold rolled millVibration. Check the cold rolling mill lubrication and fill the lubricate on no lubrication place.

The reason and solution for the vibration of the cold rolling mill is the above. There is another point that is checking whether the rolling parameters has been changed, if the rolling parameters has deviation,that also will lead to vibration of cold rolling mill. If in this case, customers can only stop the machine and reset the rolling parameters.

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