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Several Advantages Of Cold Rolling Mill Lubrication
Jul 09, 2018

Several Advantages Of Cold Rolling Mill Lubrication

What are the main effects of cold rolling mill lubrication? Or what is the role of lubrication for cold rolling mills? Gongyi Jindi Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd  is a professional manufacturer of cold rolling mill, cold rolling machine, cold rolled ribbed steel machine, cold rolled ribbed steel production line. Technical staff explain the main effects of cold rolling mill lubrication in the following.

1. Reducing roller consumption and increasing operating rate

Under cold rolling conditions, the working roller surface is oxidized due to long-term contact with the cooling water to form a black skin, which is the main cause of abnormal wear of the roller. The use of a special lubricant can prevent the formation of black skin on the roller surface  effectively, extend the service life of the roller, reduce the number of roller changes, and increase the operating rate of the cold rolling mill.

2. Energy saving

After the process lubrication, the average power saving for cold rolled ribbed bar by ton is 3 degrees; the metal consumption is reduced by 1.0 kg; the roller consumption can be reduced by 30% to 55%.

3. Improving the surface quality after rolling:

The reduction in roller wear and the reduction in black skin directly improve the quality of the cold rolled ribbed bars after rolling.

4. Reducing the friction coefficient and reduce the rolling force:

Due to the reduction of the friction coefficient, the rolling force is reduced,reducing the rolling force by 10% to 25% generally, which reduces the rolling power and saves energy.

5. Improving the internal organization of the product

Process lubrication can improve the crystal structure of the ribbed steel bars after rolling and improve their deep drawing performance.

The main effects of cold rolling mill lubrication are the above. Moreover, the cold rolled ribbed steel bar production line, steel straightening and cutting machine produced by Gongyi Jindi Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd can improve its efficiency after the equipment is lubricated.

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