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  • 2 Ribs Rebar Cold Rolling Mill Production Line

    Two ribs and three ribs rebar cold rolling mill production line developed by Gongyi Jindi has been optimized each system and achieve automation which greatly improved line speed and product quality of cold rolled ribbed steel bar production line. Yield strength of cold rolled...
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  • 3 Ribs Rebar Cold Rolling Mill Production Line

    Q235 hot rolled round bar is formed shape of a spiral by cold drawing and cold rolling by one time and made cold processing at longitude and latitude direction of raw material. 3 Ribs cold rolling mill production line is made of derusting machine, two sets rolling machines,...
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  • Customized Cold Rolled Ribbed Steel Rebar Production Line

    Gongyi Jindi Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd as a professional manufacturers of cold rolled ribbed steel bar production line, develop and produce two ribs and three ribs rebar production lines. According to the different needs of users, cold rolled ribbed steel bar...
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  • Cold Rolled Ribbed Steel Bar Machine

    Cold rolled ribbed steel bar machine is equipped with YVP250M-4,90-160KW variable-frequency and variable-speed motor and under-pressure mechanism (automatic adjustment). It is easy operation, high degree of automation; The gear box is made of high quality alloy herringbone...
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  • Cold Rolled Rebar Machine

    Cold rolled rebar machine made by Gongyi Jindi is ribbed three ribs on steel surface by reducing hot-rolled coiled steel wire rod. The machine is two sets of three-roller driven type cold rolling head, three roller is formed each other 120 °angle, with the center pair. The...
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  • Cold Drawing and Ribbing Machine

    Cold drawing and ribbing machine is capable of cold working the hot rolled wire rods and hot rolled coil on different diameters in the warp and weft direction simultaneously, while on the condition of maintaining the relative balance and stability,and improving the tensile...
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  • Copper Cold Rolling Mill

    Copper cold rolling mill produced by Gongyi Jindi Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd achieve changes of incoming material sizes and finish rolled steel wire rod via two rotating rollers. During rolling copper rod, because the roller is engraved holes pattern, incoming material...
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  • Aluminum Cold Rolling Mill

    Aluminum Cold Rolling Mill also is called Aluminum bar rolling mill or Aluminum rod rolling mill. It is to provide a variety of rolling process for copper, Aluminum and stainless steel and other small cross-section profile which can be rolled different material in the same...
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  • Automatic stirrup bending machine

    Steel wire automatic stirrup bending machine is also known as automatic hoop bending machine, CNC wire bending machine, automatic stirrup bending machine. Because of different regions,so the name is called not the same.
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  • CNC stirrup bending machine

    Most rebar hoop bending machine is CNC stirrup bending machine.CNC stirrup bending machine is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic hoop bending machine. CNC stirrup bending machine is mainly used for hooking and bending of construction cold rolled ribbed steel...
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  • Automatic hoop bending machine

    Automatic rebar hoop bending machine has lower equipment failure rate, high bending rebar speed, low power consumption without hurting the ribs, low noise and light vibration. It also has advantages of high efficient, high-quality, safe and reliable. There need two person to...
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  • CNC wire bending machine

    CNC wire bending machine is a steel processing machinery. It is an extension of steel bending machine and can be more efficient to achieve the specified angle and specifications. High efficiency, suitable for steel bending.The efficiency is 5-10 times than bent by hand.The...
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